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FIC: lazy days spent with friends


 It was a late summer’s afternoon, with the sun oh so slowly sinking towards the western horizon, painting the sky with an artist’s palette of golds, oranges and purples. A faint zephyr snaked off the ocean, curling through thrown-wide french doors, bringing cooler air to an over-warm house. Nanao swiped at a stray lock of hair with the back of her hand, wishing not for the first time that the Goldenrod Department Store hadn’t sold out of fans after the first really hot day.

She sighed, once, and put the knife down, taking a few moments to tuck back that lock of hair and take a long drink from her condensation-covered glass, kept nice and frosty by the no doubt improper use of one of her Lapras’s moves. Her glasses slid slowly down the slippery slope of her nose, aided by the simply ridiculous amount of sweat plastering her hair and clothes to her. Even in Seireitei it hadn’t been this hot in summer, nor this humid.

Swallowing, she put the glass down, and pushed her glasses back up, smiling as she heard the faint sounds of people and Pokemon playing in the surf, and picked up the knife again, slicing and dicing fruits. This definitely wasn’t home, but in some ways, she reflected, it was much, much better.

The Breeding Centre wasn’t quite fully repaired yet, but when the day had dawned bright and clear and far too hot, even at four AM, it was unanimously decided that today would not be a day of work. No one wanted to be on the roof patching sheet iron when the stuff was hot enough to fry bacon (and they’d tried that, too - it had ended up nicely crispy), and to be indoors was simply not an option, mainly because it was far too stuffy.

Therefore, the residents of Yu & Yuudai Breeding Centre tromped over to their next-door neighbour’s bungalow at 7AM, looking to sprawl on her expansive verandahs. Nanao merely smiled at them, and gestured for them to come in, and have some breakfast, you don’t want it to warm up.

An Alakazam waved at them with one spoon, still eating cereal with the other, and her Venusaur rumbled a hello from the backyard, vines snaking in and stealing the occasional piece of fruit. They’d spent most of the day lounging about, reading books and playing board games. Hana the Lapras and Shunsui the Gyarados were only too happy to shower anyone who wandered outside with low-powered versions of their attacks, creating myriad mini-rainbows that glittered and danced.

Once the sun had lowered from it’s zenith, most of the occupants of her house had vacated it, in favour of swimming in the crystal-clear sea just a hundred metres from her house, splashing about in the gentle waves, playing familiar games like Marco Polo, while their Pokemon swam around, both playing with and protecting their masters from whatever lurked beneath the surface.

Nanao had joined them earlier on in their fun and games, but after a quick swim and shower, was now preparing a very late lunch/rather early dinner for the odd dozen of humans and more Pokemon. Souji meandered in, still rubbing at his damp hair with a towel.
“Anything I can do to help?” She smiled at him, and gestured to a basket full of breadrolls.
“If you could take those out to the table, that would be very much appreciated.” He nodded, and, picking it up easily, walked back out to the long trestle table they’d made from the broken floorboards from both Nanao’s bungalow and the Breeding Centre.

Sure, it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of tables, but it had a distinct and definite character to it - it had been through one hell of a lot, and while it had been soundly broken and sundered, it had healed, come back together with more than a little help from some friends, and while it may not be serving it’s original purpose anymore, it was still doing something quite useful.

Slowly but surely, and with a little help from Kiyone the Alakazam, they brought out all the food from inside the house to the long table that overlooks the sea, attracting the attention of the swimmers paddling about. Sure enough, they came bounding out of the surf, sopping wet and grinning like fools, as only teenagers can, and Nanao only felt a little bit old.

What surmounted to a late-ish afternoon tea was a rowdy affair, with laughter and stories being traded over the table as large quantities of food were devoured and the sun slowly slid towards the horizon, and the moon slowly started to rise.

As the burning heat of the day gave way to the still-not-quite pleasant warmth of twilight, people started moving about, going to shower, doing the washing up, and some, like Nanao, going off to their jobs in Goldenrod.

Dinners in summer were necessarily pushed back, and were therefore normally eaten after nine, and were much less substantial than the late lunch. Really, it was a chance to kick back and finally cool down, as the sea breeze rose, winding through open window, chasing out any lingering heat, sending those lucky enough to live by the sea off to sleep with the sound of crashing waves.

And the next day, they’d get up and do it all again, lazing away those long summer days, in the best of all possible company.