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five + 1 drabbles

 all of these are originally from [ profile] slowpoke_gif 

Five times Nanao reassured/helped Envy out, and one time he was the one reassuring/helping her.


"No, Envy, see you have to hold your partner like this - now, that's better." Envy still wasn't sure what had possessed him to ask Nanao - her, of all people! - for tips on how to slow dance with someone, but she'd been patient as he muttered his request, and even more patient as she guided him slowly and expertly through the steps.


He'd woken up screaming, and flailing, and when France had tried to calm down his bedmate, he'd been promptly socked in the face. The commotion had woken Nanao already, but when France came stumbling out of one of her guest bedrooms, blood streaming down his face, she'd handed him a hanky, and waded into the thick of it.

It took until sunrise (but dawn hadn't been that far away anyway) but Envy eventually broke out of his waking nightmare, and he cried angry hot tears into Nanao's shoulder as she stroked his back, all tensed under her gentle fingertips.


"So help me, Envy - and I don't care about my injuries - I will fly up to Ecruteak somehow, and I will beat the sense back into your head, since you seem to be lacking it at the moment!"


She hadn't said a word over the 'Gear to him, but he knew she must have seen the Police Notice, because close to midnight, a Skarmory with a white badge tied around his neck landed in their temporary campsite.

He'd clucked at them reprovingly, but his saddlebags were loaded to the brim with supplies, spare clothing and even money. And Envy knew that he'd do the same for her if she ever ended up on the run again.


It was a cool Autumn day, and Envy was trying to get a new-hatched Shinx to settle - and so he went out, walking south through Goldenrod, down towards a slightly rundown beachside bungalow.

Nanao welcomed him in with a warm smile, as her own Pokemon poked their heads out from behind furniture and doors and blankets as she guided him over to the couch, and spent the next while showing him how to hold and feed his newest party member, all the time bathed in the warmth from the Charmeleon curled in the fireplace.

+ 1;

The entire network had seen Nanao's reaction to Marona's departure, but Envy was one of the few who knew just how the older Shinigami had regarded the young Chroma - Marona had been family to her, quote "You're the daughter I'll never have," unquote, and her departure must be tearing her apart.

So he jumped on his "bananaplane" and flew to Goldenrod from Olivine, because she'd told him that he was family here too, and while he'd laughed and shrugged it off, it had warmed his heart to know that someone cared about whether he was safe and warm and dry - and you don't abandon family when they're hurting.

He found her curled up in her bed, wrapped in blankets with tears streaming down her cheeks, and he'd just sat down next to her and hugged her, held her as her arms crept around him and fingers dug into his back, and they stayed like that for hours, her clinging to him like a rock in the storm.

Hey, after all she'd done for him, it was the least he could do for his pseudo-dead surrogate sibling.

Five times Hitsugaya helped Nanao out of major trouble and the one time she was helping him out of major trouble. :3


The blasted Hollow had her pinned to the ground, her Zanpakutou out of reach, and with the way it was leaning on her, she couldn't draw a decent breath, let alone concentrate on kidou. She closed her eyes, and prayed for her death to at least be swift, when a bone-chilling coldness surrounded her, and then the weight on her chest was gone.

She opened her eyes, and looking down at her with a vague look of concern and reproval plastered all across his youthful face was the new Captain of the Tenth Division, and then she passed out.

Just seeing that he was here in this bizarre place was both a worry and a relief, but at least she knew know that the Seireitei was not going to implode without her being there.

...and she had to admit, having Hitsugaya Toushirou as a voice of reason that was literally a phone call away was actually very comforting.


She could sense that the vein in his forehead twitching as she hung dangling from the mouth of her newly-evolved Gyarados, one arm trapped between his very sharp teeth, and the other gripping tenuously on a barbel.

"Look, can you save the judgement for later?" She hollered down to him, nine metres below on the ground. Shunsui was big, even for a Gyarados, and gravity was beginning to do nasty things to her forearm, courtesy of teeth like steak knives.

"I really rather like having two complete arms!"


The problem with Nanao is that sometimes she (only occasionally!) finds it difficult to stop doing things, especially if they involve books.

That's the gist of the reason why Hitsugaya heard a crash and a shriek one day, and came running in to find a huge pile of thick hardcover books, an over-turned stepledder, and a pair of sandalled feet sticking out from underneath all the rubble.


It was common - at least back home, in Soul Society - for people to be not able to swim. Any water that was around in the Rukongai was guarded, and no one was going to be fool enough to go in any running water that was deeper than their waist, if they weren't able to help themselves if their feet got swept out from underneath them.

Unfortunately, Johto was not Seireitei, and Hitsugaya nearly had a heart attack when he realised that Nanao had vanished beneath the waves - of course she'd have no knowledge of rips, the Eastern Sea, where Ukitake-taichou came from, was more than a month away from Seireitei proper, and so it was unlikely that Nanao had ever seen it.

Still, that didn't stop him from lecturing the living daylights out of her as she lay coughing up seawater on the beach.

+ 1;

He'd finally actually done something that was considered to be against the law here, and apart from the obvious shame, he felt a very faint sense of achievement. That, and a profound exhaustion. Running from the cops was hard damn work, and all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

But the sound of metal screeching brought him grudgingly back to full awakeness, just in time to see a vaguely familiar bird land slap-bang in the middle of the clearing, and to see a very familiar figure seated on the Skarmory's back.

She simply smiled knowingly, and threw him a jacket, before sliding off the Steel-type.
"I've been here, and done this a number of times now, but you, Hitsugaya-san? With the way you always lecture me, I would have never have thought that you had it in you." But her tone was light, teasing almost, and he simply sighed, and sat back down. She'd stay with him, he knew that much. Just like a good Vice Captain should.


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