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Myki ([personal profile] notbantamweight) wrote2011-08-03 10:49 am

How Things Went Completely Bizarre; Or How Stephen and Jon met Johto

 It’s the oddest thing – one moment he’s on his office, about to go and talk with the producers about a segment of the Daily Show, and the next, he’s walked into something straight out of a Nineties’ video game, and there’s a fluffy brown thing that looks like an adorable cross between a fox and a dog at his feet, squeaking happily up at him.

And with a terrible sense of dawning realisation, he knows what this place is. It’s one of those games which his kids play, Pokey-men or something. He grimaces when he reads that it’s pronounced Pokemon, and again when he realises that the fact that there is an apron and a headband in his bag means that he’s a breeder... whatever that is.

However, he can’t help but laugh hysterically when a rather dishevelled Stephen comes running out of the same house a while later, pack in one hand, and a tiny bear cub following helplessly after her new trainer.

Two and a half days in, and Stephen looks like he’s about to break something when they run out of food, and the nearest town is still a day and a half of walking away at their pace. Jon simply rubs his stubbly chin, and takes Fluffball and Horrorthreat away so as not to scare the children, and end up catching a bird thing he promptly names Feathers.

They finally make it into Cherrygrove in the early afternoon, and sort of slump their way into the Pokemon Center. There’s a brief argument over who should look after the children , but Jon wins (somehow) and drags himself up the stairs, and slumps into the shower, gladly washing away the grime of four days on the road.

By the time Stephen, Horrorthreat, Fluffball and Feathers make their entrance into the smallish room (which only has one bed, he notes to his horror), Jon’s already slumped on it, halfway under the sheets, face completely relaxed, but still unshaven, and he thinks it’s one of the most adorable things he’s ever seen.

Both of them end up sleeping for three days.