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here we go again!


Toss a pairing and a prompt my way and I will write a sentence on it!

Previous Sentences from [ profile] slowpoke_gif:

Nanao + Envy:

Age not necessarily equaling maturity - Envy might have been surprised to learn that Nanao was in fact an aficionado of pranks, but he supposed after having a bucket of pink slime dumped over him by an unseen mechanism, that age and rank really didn't mean anything about maturity at all.

- She hadn't known why, but one summer's evening, she'd heard piano music drifting out of a shop, and had wandered in; she hadn't even been surprised to find it was Envy playing, and had just stood there for a little while, letting the music flow over and around her, lessening her worries.

Nanao + Coop:

Ranks - After much comparing and discussion about the varying systems of the FBI and the Gotei Thirteen, a conclusion was eventually reached: 'Lieutenant' of the Gotei Thirteen and 'Special Agent' of the FBI were roughly the same, which was, of course, the most ideal outcome.

Tea  - When Cooper finally made it back to Goldenrod, the first thing Nanao did was extend an offer of tea at her place; having nothing more pressing to do, he accepted, and the two spent a relaxing afternoon on Nanao's verandah, watching the sun go down over the sea.

Nanao + Tulio:

Tea - With the way that her Alakazam was subtly glaring at him out of the corner of it's eye, Tulio naturally found it hard to relax (even if the tea was very good) - but Nanao, ever the gracious host, solved the matter neatly by recalling the pokemon and then stowing the ball inside the fridge; it would not do at all for the pokemon to interrupt such a delicate moment.

Primary fandoms are Bleach, d.gray-man, Persona 4, The Road to El Dorado, Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga/Brotherhood), and I have a fair knowledge of a few others. Pan-fandom (from Route and Mayfield) and AU requests are heavily encouraged!

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