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Myki ([personal profile] notbantamweight) wrote2013-02-21 03:27 pm

trope meme

For Silver: Nanao + Hitsugaya; Reincarnation

There's a man she sees almost every other day, and something about him just seems so familiar that it hurts; yet she knows for certain that she's never seen him before. She always smiles at him, and he smiles back - even though it's brief, her heart leaps for joy to see it.

He asks her if she wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee with him one day. She says she prefers tea. He says that's fine, and his eyes go soft. She wonders idly if this is a good idea, but goes along with it anyway. People might talk about an old man and a schoolgirl having tea together; somehow, the thought never really bothers her.

It's like they've always known each other, so it's never really awkward. She never even asks his name.