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She wanted him, but approaching anything close to a relationship with him would be crippling, she knew. He was the sort of man who demanded absolute attention, drawing you in, making the mere thought of any other man a ridiculous notion. He would ruin her absolutely and forever.

w e l p this is weird and porny so you have been warned )
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Exactly As It Says On The Tin.

2010 NaNoWriMo, "Omnia Mutantur, Nos et Mutamur in Illis"

In a world where everything is real, and everything is the same, how can one simple trip to the US of A go wrong? Amelyn and Vanya are about to find out exactly just how weird things can get! And to think, it all started with a simple pair of plane tickets - or did it?

((Title is Latin for 'Every thing is changing, and we are changing with it'))
I'm not entirely happy with it, so I'll be rewriting it. Eventually.

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8

Bleach Fic

Bleach AU
Part of a collection of drabbles

Original Fiction

The Perfect Day
A short piece inspired by my ancient history studies, my eclectic iTunes, and [ profile] 5_prompts 

Inspired by Coldplay's 'Cemetaries of London' and a prompt from the awesome people of [ profile] 5_prompts 

Locked Up
A semi-historical piece based vaguely in the period of British-controlled Ireland. Inspired by a beautiful version of 'Lord of the Dance' and [ profile] 5_prompts , again. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Something Grown Ups Do
Darker tone than what I usually write. Inspired by [ profile] 5_prompts .
Hetalia Fic

Pokemon Fic

Pokemon Plotkai!
[ profile] 20paperplanes  Challenge
Themeset - colour

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It was 1:16 AM, officially the ‘graveyard shift’. The sky was dark, and the air was chill, still tainted with the grip of winter. Only a few of the brightest stars were visible, despite the notable absence of clouds, and she attributed that to the excess of light pollution spilling out from the city.
Deux femmes, un voyage. Ce qui pourrait mal? )

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They were on approach for Changi Airport, Singapore, when vicious turbulence came out of nowhere, setting hostesses tumbling and luggage falling.

Beaucoup de choses, apparemment. )

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